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Bollywood Diva Zarine Khan Launches Mobile App

We all love have our own favorite Bollywood celebrities. We always want to know What are they upto, what are they wearing, who are they with, what movie are they shooting, what are they eating and lots more. We love to keep our B.Q (bollywood quotient) up to the minute. Keeping the love and the obsession alive,Zareen Khan has come forward with her own OTT mobile app.

Never before an app has been customised to keep the fans first, Zareen’s app is a way to be connected with her fans 24/7.

The app has a dedicated interactive LIVE stream corner which enables a 2 way LIVE with her fans, she along with her fans can send each other a variety of gifts from the gift store. Not to mention a VOD platform with the option of a paywall.

Fans who keep liking/commenting are in a treat as Zareen along with all other app users can see the top fans in the Zee’s Fav section.

Zareen’s app is an amalgamation of a social network along with an OTT platform with LIVE capabilities.

The app will soon have a 360 corner, where custom made 360 content around Zareen would be made live as well.

The app is built on ARMS app builder platform. With ARMS, a celebrity can own the I.P – which is the first in the industry, the platform, the rights, and most importantly – the control and monetization of the fan base & content around the world.

Speaking on the same, Zareen said “Am very excited for this project, with so much clutter on social media, an app is a perfect way to stay in touch dedicatedly with my fans.There are some very cool features we have planned for the coming months,i hope all my fans enjoy the entire experience”

Sonu Lakhwani-Proprietor of Wingman Talent Agency(the company managing Zareen) had an interesting take, “Throughout an actor’s public life, he really never owns anything except for co-productions/royalties, with this app & such initiatives, we are creating a monetizable digital asset for the actor throughout & beyond his days of stardom.”

Anshul Gupta Founder & Director of Razr Media,Luxembourg (the company behind the app) said, “The way clutter is increasing on social & other platforms, the future calls for personalisation in this age of netflix.Zareen has 20MN fans in her social universe, through her app we plan to consolidate her audience on one single platform & offer niche content to dedicated fans. We have combined the power of social & OTT together as an offering. If you see the design too, its very colorful,jovial,totally as per her personality.”

Sunil Bhandi Founder & CTO Razr Media said,“Her app is built to function like a social media platform combined with the functionalities of an OTT. Unlike any other OTT platform,Zareen’s app can manage loads of traffic. We have given the actor maximum control via our producer app,its an app like instagram where she can upload/edit/post photos/videos on the app & social media directly.”

The app is available on the Google playstore as well as the Apple play store. Search “Zareen Khan official App”

Link for Playstore app:

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