Balaji Telefilms launches to help aspiring actors showcase their talent
07 Oct 2009
by Satrajit Sen

Balaji Telefilms has launched, an online talent search and showcase platform that enables aspiring actors, singers, dancers, scriptwriters, choreographers, directors, models to showcase their talent (Hoonur in Hindi) to casting directors and movie or TV production houses. Besides profiles and audition information search, also provides business listings which allow TV and film production businesses to list themselves.

“As a large media production house across films, TV and now new media, we realize that there is a huge gap between the supply and demand for talented individuals. We have lots of young talented people across the country but it is difficult and also very expensive for them to reach the media hubs of Mumbai and Delhi to get the right exposure and showcase their talent. At we provide them a platform to showcase their talent -- portfolio pictures, videos and audio,” Uday Sodhi, CEO, new media, Balaji Telefilms, has told AlooTechie.

According to Uday Sodhi, the TV and film production houses, media companies, advertising, radio and fashion industries are looking for new talent all the time and will be able to benefit from this online platform to select and shortlist talent. Sodhi further said that the company plans to partner with media schools, professional portfolio creators and studios across India to help talented people showcase their talent online. Balaji Telefilms plans to monetise through advertisements.


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25 Feb 2014

hi i m divya i want to work with you i m 19 years old height 5.5 color fair i m fresher but please give me a chance

23 Feb 2014

Hie,This is Mayank tyagi...and I'm 19 yrs of age..
I'm Professional Actor and Model...i love acting if u will gave any role i will act it so plz gave me one chance plz plz plz plz plz plz...

Subhash Arora
19 Jul 2013


I am a person about 60,, young by heart,physically as well, ambitious, religious, want to share my life experience to contribute in my Poem writing. I participated in various Hindi poetry competitions during my service, wrote poems in magazines and staged many times ,can write poetry scripts wherever desired in the story or any serial that to in a very romantic manner,whether a two line/four line or the full poem,rather I have the ability to act as a poet in the serial,rather I would like to present a serial full of shairy.Also I would be intersted to do any such relevent job or even a technical job as I am an engineer also.
I am keenly interested to talk and share my experience in DELHI only.

Subhash Chander Arora

New Delhi-110027

12 Jul 2013

i want news about films recruitment

sarvesh singh
12 Jul 2013

please ,reply as soon as as if you have any information.

sarvesh singh
12 Jul 2013

hi, i want to is there any audition for t.v. serials going on, because i like to give an for that serial, is there any please tell me where should i go for that/ i am living in delhi, so please reply as soon as you can?

jiniea tomer
26 Jun 2013

Hello sir!!! And thanks for launching such a big platform for beginners like us.....!This is jiniea tomer of dehli trying to find a stream for myself independently and think that this is the best place for me.......thanks a lot again

hoshiyar singh
29 May 2012

I Ex Army Person,I Want A one chance TV Serial,Am looking like a 50 years,
1,I Work in the film "KALLU YADAV" All India Rilez in inspector roal.(DVD)
2.State leval film" BABBA CHALE SASURAL"Lead ROAL

13 Mar 2011

my name is Sachin Bhosale...
I want to be a successful model and a tv actor
Please give me one chance...

Vishal Gaurav Singh
24 Feb 2011

Hie,This is Vishal Gaurav Singh...and I'm 26 yrs of age..
I'm Professional Actor and Model...i love acting if u will gave any role i will act it so plz gave me one chance

Sadhu Sharan Singh
31 Dec 2010

Very Good Starting for New Talent, lot of thanks to Satrajit Sen for such kind of information.

26 Dec 2010

i want to acting.... so plz give me a chance

Raghvendra Pandey
25 Dec 2010

Dear Sir/Madam i am a actor. i heartly request to you plz give me one chance to prove my self plz plz

rahul vyawahare
04 Dec 2010

hello sir i am in interasted to acting carriar, please give me a chance to prove myself.......

mudasir ali
28 Nov 2010

hi i am mudasir ali i am 24 year old i am a folk singer and music director.plz contect me 09820913640

arjun singh
17 Nov 2010

my name is arjun singh rawat my mobil no is 9911294331 plz give me one chance

Rajendera Singh
04 Nov 2010

hi, i am rajendra singh a reguler member of film writer association mumbai. i have written maney scripts.
1:- sali ji salam.
4:-honeymoon in goa honeymoon in ooty.
5:-chini jada.
6:-game of success.
7:-marriage home.
i can write any time on any topic with in one a week, it's chalanging.

29 Oct 2010

Hi, This is Somen Roy 19 years old,here wiling to act in TV serials and films. I am slightly fair. If i get a chance i will be greatful to you. Do give me a chance to work for you.

ashish kumar
27 Oct 2010

hi i am very talented actor. i have born with talent. one time i was missed your audition.please give me a chance to prove myself. please call me when your new project for casting.

26 Oct 2010

Balaji will use its financial muscle power to push It seems to be a good platform btw for aspiring people, but its viability remains to be proven IMO.

12 Oct 2010

every human gets different [ hoonur ] from god .but only some persons get the chance to show his hoonur. may be i also get a single chance to show my hoonur. i love writing .i love write every feeling of human being in my poems ,songs.

Vidyanand Singh
10 Oct 2010

Iam Bidyanand Singh.I can do advance acting please give me chance.

30 Sep 2010

hey guyz n me ur profile n pics.i work for a prod house in banglore..

Farhan khan
24 Sep 2010

Dear sir/mam, I am hungry for success, i am crazy about acting, i also have experience in regional albums i have good personality, plzzzzzzzzzzzz give me a one chance to show my talent, it's humble request to you, plz kindly considere my request plzzzzzz

Farhan khan

17 Sep 2010

i love acting very much.pls give me one chance in the balaji telefilms.

11 Sep 2010


hiee.. m deepti age 22 4m west bengal... wit great ambition n high dreams.. passionate abt acting.. wanna act in daily soaps n serials n different tv programmes.. love yr serials..u r a simply gr8 women wit a revolution plzzzzzzz... gv me dat one break of my life wich i also desiered for.. wont let u n myslf down...
contact me @ 09851041601 / 09832219723
height 5'3 weight 52kgs... weatish complexion...

anshu singh
03 Sep 2010

hi this is sravani i love acting if u will gave any role i will act it so plz gave me one chance

31 Aug 2010

this is mohini i love acting and also a good actores. please give me chance. im m waiting 4 ur call. plz call me soon.

07 Aug 2010

hi im rajesh i want to becom a model,plz give me a chance to prove my talent.

01 Aug 2010

hi this is sandy i wanna be a rockstar & wanna rock t whole world by my talent.........

29 Jul 2010

hi this is pooja i love acting if u will give any role i will act it so plz gave me one chance

shashikant chamke
22 Jul 2010

this is shashikant i am 25 of age,hi long hair boy, i am good actor,i am hard working. my hight is 5ft8inch.please give me one chance my no is 9325755903

GuestNaveen Pareek
20 Jul 2010

hi this is naveen pareek ilove acting &i am a good actor also. i have worked in music albums& rajasthani i want to do work with balaji plz give me a chance to prove my self.....

omveer singh brak
19 Jul 2010

I am a writer with the films writers association mumbai and would like to showcase some of my no. is 9833016295.

Mrs. Navjyot Saini
27 Jun 2010

Interested and talented in acting and wish to be a part of any of your project

15 Jun 2010

hi dis is shohel 4m assam age 22.; i want to be an assistant director in yr production. i have childhood experience in drama. also belonging fm a cultural family. plz give me a chance prove my self.

21 May 2010

hai frnds,am ramesh,i was on could 9 wen i saw hoonur site & immidietly i login my profile thanx to balaji for a great platform,but de sad thing is i didn't got work till know , tey r sending me to many ads but i want to work with balaji i wish my dream to come true.thank u bye.

08 May 2010

Hi i think this casting department would give me a platform for acting in film fied iam a new comer i dont know any links how to get into this field .i think balaji telefilms would apprecaiate the new comers waiting for call or mails

07 May 2010

hi balaji team members,
My name is rajashekar.Sincerely saying i love acting.nowadays instead of movies every folks are interested to watch telefilms as it shows a real comedy,tragedy,horror,suspense.If i get a chance i will prove myself for south indian play's.

05 May 2010

I just hope Balaji telefilms has my portfolio. I have faced many problems in making my portfolio but now when i have finally got through it, i wish i get through the auditions as well.. Balaji telefilms, please give me a chance to prove myself.....

Kaushal Singh
25 Apr 2010

Hi, I am a very talented actor and I like 5to get a recognised role in the films/TV serials. I have an experience of acting for 12 years at stage at Kolkata. In fact, I do not have any related degree or diploma in the respective fileld.Seeking for a good charector role for prove myself in the Industry or otherwise.

Shiv sharma
21 Apr 2010

my name is shiv kumar sharma...
I want to be a successful model and a tv actor

sravani ghanate
07 Apr 2010

hi this is sravani i love acting if u will gave any role i will act it so plz gave me one chance

Kirti Raj
18 Jan 2010

I just hope Balaji telefilms has my portfolio. I have faced many problems in making my portfolio but now when i have finally got through it, i wish i get through the auditions as well.. Balaji telefilms, please give me a chance to prove myself.....

mukesh padhya
19 Nov 2009

I think casting department of Balaji has my portfolio on their computer, but last two three times when they called my dates were not available, I was shooting elsewhere and then they stopped calling me. good to recv an sms from you. thanks. do remember me when casting for new project.