news launches radio campaign in 12 cities
03 Feb 2010
by Satrajit Sen

Online B2B marketplace has launched an advertising campaign on FM radio. According to IndiaMart, the campaign will run for two months on Radio Mirchi in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Jaipur, Jalandhar and Indore. The radio jingle has also been uploaded on social networking site Facebook.

“FM radio as a media channel has re-invented itself with huge popularity in recent years. We have seen the trend of people increasingly following this medium and engaging with it. Radio Mirchi which is India's No.1 Radio Channel reaching out to more that 46 million listeners in India was an obvious choice for us,” Arun Tyagi, general manager, marketing,, has told AlooTechie.

Tyagi further said that the objective of the campaign is to communicate the benefits of internet to the small and medium businesses and make them understand how internet has become a new channel of sales for businesses. The radio campaign is a part of an integrated marketing campaign being launched by the company nationwide across print, radio and internet. The jingle has been created by the IndiaMart marketing communication team and Radio Mirchi.


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08 Feb 2010

Got to listen Ibibo too on Radio today. Good luck to IndiaMART, ebay and Ibibo for their campaigns.

05 Feb 2010

@VC, DUDE, IndiaMart has a strategic partnership with Times Group where they don't need to mint any money for giving ads on any of the Times Group's newspapers, portals, TV and radio channels. So apparently they are not "udao-ing" the money.

05 Feb 2010

Nayya Nayya VC money mila hain....udao...udao!

05 Feb 2010

This is very interesting & bold move in B2B space...

Indiamart is trying to explore all sort of Media...

This strategy is to become house hold name and not giving any chance or room to Alibaba in India...

This will help them in establishing more loyalty, All the best!!!

05 Feb 2010 has also launched radio campaign. Seems Radio is the hot flavor for these B2B and B2C legends.

04 Feb 2010

Its good Indiamart is spending on advertising, but what % of the "46million" (is this no. accurate?) Radio Mirchi listeners are Indiamart's B2B target audience of SME/SMBs?

Also, how are they going to measure ROI?
If they are using a different yardstick to measure radio, they can spend similar budgets in online, measure online too by same yardstick.
Online will then show way better ROI.

After all ad budgets are wasted offline, like most dotcoms they will come to internet media and ask for impossible ROI from digital agencies to average the wasted spends in other media. We have seen this time and time again...with Travel category, Jobs category, Games, even horizontals like Indiatimes/Rediff/Yahoo. Now we are seeing history repeat with B2B category.

04 Feb 2010

very nice move. the jingle is interesting. all the best.

Call Center outsourcing
04 Feb 2010

This is an interesting move by indiamart. Rather then relying just on search engine and internet based promotion, radio advertisement is a bold move to reach the consumers. It would be interesting to see the impact of radio advertisement. Radio advertisement in a costly mode compared to different internet options and i think this is just a short term media source for indiamart.