Ringo launches 'cheapest' local calling at 19 paise/min
27 Nov 2015
  • Peer to peer international calling app Ringo has launched local calling at 19 paise per minute, claiming to be 90% cheaper than rates offered by existing telecom service providers.
  • The app, which uses networks of mobile phone carriers instead of the Internet, or data-based calling like most messaging and calling apps, will allow users to make local and STD calls from anywhere in the country, even to users who need not have a Ringo app installed. The total call cost is "25% cheaper" than most popular internet-based calling apps, the company said.
  • "Our local calling service is not only the cheapest in India right now, but it is also free of typical telecom related hassles such as STD charges and differential pricing," Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of Ringo said at the launch.
  • Ringo essentially buys bulk minutes through aggregators that are further connected to carriers, or carriers that sell wholesale minutes, and use call-flow technology via a conference bridge based out of Mohali that connects both the caller and recipient.
  • Turakhia added the company was considering the 19-paise-per-minute tariff rate as a customer acquisition tool rather than a profit generator. The deposit made on the app for making calls does not expire, unlike other telco vouchers, and are even refundable, Ringo said.
  • Directi’ Ringo app was launched earlier this year for only international calls.



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