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What brands in India think about Twitter’s new advertising initiative, called Promoted Tweets

by Satrajit Sen

by Satrajit Sen

Following the recent rollout of Promoted Tweets, an advertising initiative for brands on Twitter, AlooTechie got in touch with some brands that are already present on Twitter to know if they would be using Twitter’s new initiative to spread the word about their brands through the microblogging platform. The brands that we spoke to are Jet Airways, Kaya Skin Clinic,, and Intuit.

Suvodeep Das, head of marketing, Kaya Skin Clinic, said, “Promoted Tweets seems like an interesting model to create effective visibility for brands on Twitter. People are increasingly using twitter for search and the new advertising model enables giving people the right and relevant answers when they search for a brand or a certain subject. Promoted Tweets gives us an opportunity to rise above the noise and insert our message effectively into the Twitter stream, without getting lost.”

According to Sachin Uppal, marketing director,, every successful viral campaign needs seeding and Promoted Tweets is an opportunity to initiate that seeding. “Real time search assures the need some users might have and Promoted Tweets acts as the source of fulfilment for that need. We can drive higher paid conversions by offering special offers in real time which expire within an hour. Because the user has a tendency to get something fast and a promotional offer in real time attracted the user to choose my product or service, I may see higher paid conversions,” said Uppal.

Sachin Uppal further said that with location and geo-targeting enabled, Promoted Tweets seems to be more helpful. “Let’s say I am searching for a partner to play rummy within my city or my area. I can connect and play with that player. I can then exchange notes on strategies or tips and tricks to play rummy online with them and even synchronize my satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the brand, which the company will have to respond to in real time,” added Uppal.

Agreeing on this, Suvodeep Das of Kaya said that the feature which is exciting is that we can now target consumers by their geographic location through the new GPS function.

However, according to Arun Mehra, COO, Zapak Digital Entertainment, Promoted Tweets is based on searches done by users on Twitter and the extent of its success will depend on how many people search for a particular category or product on Twitter and how many people retweet or click on the promoted tweet by a particular brand or start to follow the particular brand.

“The Twitter team has not explained clearly on how ‘resonance’ will work for Promoted Tweets. Resonance measures user interaction with Promoted Tweets which will play a big part in brands interaction,” Arun Mehra said, adding, “The function of Promoted Tweets is the same as Google search optimization, only in the Twitter world. Twitter is a young growing phenomenon which could take big turns in the future. We will wait and see the benefits it provides to other brands that choose to use its new service and then take a decision to explore it.”

Presenting a similar thought, a spokesperson from Jet Airways said that monetisation of the Twitter platform was on the cards for a while now, and hence the company was expecting a model like this to crop up. “We believe in the potential that Twitter has to offer, and will thus adopt a wait-and-watch policy to see where this goes. If statistics prove worthy, we will surely consider buying spots and conduct a pilot test to see how it works for us. We run a very successful platform on Twitter with reference to interaction and engagement numbers and we would like to cash in on the same wherever possible,” the spokesperson added.

According to Umang Bedi, managing director, India and emerging markets, Intuit, there has been speculation in the market that this new ad model of Twitter might not do very well. “However, we used Twitter in collaboration with other platforms for our community initiative to help Indians do more with their paychecks, ‘Save Time, Save Money – Powered by Intuit’ and the platform has proved its worth by creating the required amount of buzz. This has made us believe in the immense power of Twitter and we might as well consider giving Promoted Tweets a go,” said Bedi.

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