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Uber adds two new in-app safety features in India

In December
2014, Following the alleged rape of a woman in the capital by a Uber driver,
local authorities have
taxi-hailing app service Uber
from providing its services in NCT of Delhi
till they get proper licenses from the Transport department.

In mid-January
2015, Uber announced that it will resume
in New Delhi, India. The company said that it is commitmented to
make riding with Uber the safest and most dependable way to get around. As part
of that commitment, Uber has been improving its safety technologies and

Over the last
few weeks, Uber launched a number of key safety initiatives in India, including
re-verification of all driver partners with the police, additional background
screening with First Advantage, and the establishment of a dedicated local
Incident Response Team to handle critical situations.

Now, it has added
a new feature, Send Status, that builds on and replaces Share my ETA. Send
Status enables riders to share details about their driver and vehicle –
including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license number –
with family and friends.

  1. Here’s how to quickly “Send Status” to a
    pre-selected group of  family and
  2. Set up your list of contacts
  3. In the Uber app settings, you can select
    up to 5 of your preferred contacts
  4. Request a ride as usual
  5. Before your driver arrives or at any
    point during your journey, tap ‘Send Status’

Uber has also
adding an SOS button directly in-app so riders can immediately contact local
authorities in the rare event of an emergency.

How it works:

  1. In case of an emergency, tap SOS in the
    top right of the screen
  2. Confirm the call to automatically dial
    local authorities (‘100’)

Both in-app
updates are available immediately in India for Android users and will be
available soon for iOS users as well. In a blog post,
the company says, “We are proud to pilot these features across all cities in
India, and we will roll out additional safety features in other cities and
countries in the coming months – stay tuned for updates.”



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