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SlideShare Co-Founder Amit Ranjan calls it quits

SlideShare Co-Founder Amit Ranjan has reportedly quit the

SlideShare Co-Founder Amit Ranjan has reportedly quit the

In his personal blog Webyantra,
Ranjan said, “I’m moving on from SlideShare. After an amazing nine year journey
since its launch from New Delhi in 2006, I think now is the right time to pass
on the baton and focus on the next stage of my professional life. My
co-founders – Rashmi & Jon moved on a few months ago, so this marks the
exit of the entire founding team.”

Founded in October 2006 by the trio, SlideShare was acquired
by LinkedIn in May 2012. It allows users to easily upload and share
presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. SlideShare
is reportedly among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world.

Ranjan also said that SlideShare is getting consolidated into
its San Francisco office. He noted that the company is still in “great shape”
and is now an integral part of LinkedIn. He also claimed that it witnessed the
highest traffic numbers ever in November 2014.

Here is the official exit note posted by Ranjan on his blog:

Titled: The next
chapter after SlideShare

these nine years – there’s never been a dull day at work. Building a consumer
internet platform that millions of professionals across the world use in their
daily working lives has been a truly humbling experience. This wouldn’t have
been possible without the support of SlideShare’s vibrant community.

is in great shape. Its now an integral part of LinkedIn, has capable leadership
and the team is completely killing it. Nov’14 saw the highest traffic numbers
ever, and it is poised to break into the world’s top 100 websites. To a
founder, this gives confidence that SlideShare is progressing steadily on its
mission of empowering the world’s professionals through knowledge.

LinkedIn experience was insightful… it has helped me connect the dots. I’ve
always felt that it takes a combination of art and science to build a world
class product. Startups are best at the art of creating something from nothing,
but it takes a rigorous scientific approach to make the product high quality
and scale it. Thats what LinkedIn taught me.

back at the journey, there are things we got right and some others where we
could have done better. I’ll share my key learnings in subsequent posts. Having
built a company with the word “share” in its name, there’s one learning that
stands tall over everything else – If you acquire some knowledge, don’t keep it
to yourself. Share with others so they can benefit from it and improve on it…
the ecosystem grows and some of that karma will flow back to you. To borrow a
phrase – the real power of knowledge is the power to give it away.

take this opportunity to thank the super talented SlideShare team spread across
two offices – San Francisco & New Delhi. There are changes going forward –
SlideShare is getting consolidated into the San Francisco office. Not what the
founders would have done, but LinkedIn is a large organization with its own
structure and priorities – its best for SlideShare to fit into LinkedIn in a
way that ensures its long term success.

SlideShare! I’ll always be your most ardent evangelist… just that I’m no longer
part of the team that’s building you.

next for me – some plans are work-in-progress… will share when the appropriate
time comes:) Stay tuned.

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