Top News launches ‘Voice Your Choice’ online campaign for World Cup 2011

Job portal has launched an online campaign called ‘Voice Your Choice’ for ICC World Cup 2011, seeking an opinion from the users about the game of cricket and the players. The campaign asks people to make a choice not just before the match but also during the match. Monster is targeting people from all walks of life who follow cricket closely, who might not have an access to television but log on to the internet in office or on mobile to get live score updates and Gen Y who are hooked on the internet for anything and everything. According to the company, this is in sync with Monster’s value proposition of ‘when it comes to jobs, choosing the right one matters’ and brand positioning of ‘Right Jobs. Right Candidates.’

The questions asked in the campaign keep on changing according to the match situation, prompting the user to make the right choice. For example before the match the question is whether India should bat or bowl and once India elects to bat, the question switches to the next one asking users who amongst the openers are more likely to provide a flying start. Monster has partnered digital agency OMD for ideating the campaign which has been made visible on Yahoo Cricket,, and The campaign was launched on February 2011 and will run till April 2, 2011.

“We believe that success in one’s life is all about making the right choice. Monster’s value proposition ‘when it comes to jobs, choosing the right one matters’ emphasizes on making the right choice. The idea behind the campaign was to present our value proposition and positioning of ‘Right Jobs. Right Candidates’ in an interactive and engaging manner. We wanted to present what we stand for by driving the experience of making the right choices synonymous with our brand,” Sanjay Modi, managing director, India, Middle East and South East Asia, has told AlooTechie.

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