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Microsoft Bing launches new intelligent search features, powered by AI

Bing a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, has unveiled new intelligent search features for it, powered by Artificial intelligence (AI).

This new feature enables users to get answers faster, give more comprehensive and complete information, and enable you to interact more naturally with your search engine.

Bing now uses deep neural networks to validate answers by aggregating across multiple reputable sources, rather than just one, so you can feel more confident about the answer you’re getting.

By launching this feature, Bing can now help you to save time by bringing together content from across multiple sources while searching for a comprehensive answer for your question.

A key element of Intelligent Search is bringing together different sources of knowledge, like the wisdom of the crowd, to help people make decisions.

“Of course, not every question has just one answer. Sometimes you might be looking for expert opinions, different perspectives or collective knowledge. If there are different authoritative perspectives on a topic, such as benefits vs drawbacks, Bing will aggregate the two viewpoints from reputable sources and intelligently surface them to you on the top of the page to save you time,”reads a blog post by the company.

Additionally, a new partnership with Reddit, an online community of 330M monthly active users, to bring information from the Reddit community, which generates 2.8M comments daily, to Bing.

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