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Studio Dream Games


With the launch of
their first mythological based Real Time strategy game called ‘Rama Force’,
Studio Dream Games intends to take mobile gaming from India to next level
where local content will be delivered for the Global audience



With the growing demand in the Gaming Industry,
sometimes referred to as interactive entertainment industry, we realized that
people enjoyed escaping from the reality and going into a zone where they
could experience adventure, control every aspect of their virtual life and
get a chance to be a hero. 

Keeping this in mind, we established Studio Dream Games to provide the gamers
an experience they will never forget. Started in 2014, Studio Dream Games is
a Game Development Company, where the focus is to make fun and enthralling
games for handheld and online platforms. Our main aim is to create theme
based innovative games through modern technology that will leave the gamer
excited and hungry for more. Simply put, we are game lovers just like you and
we are in this for the love of gaming.


 October, 2013


Umang Mathur , Founder & Marketing Head at
Studio Dream Games





Available to game
fanatics worldwide





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