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Quick Call


To create a complete hub of business outsourcing which
can perform all non-core functions of every startup, SMB & exhibition organizer.


Quick Call is new age outsourcing firm working for exhibition
organizers, start-ups & SMBs. It provides quick, easy and low cost
outsourcing solutions in customer care, business research and business
development. Quick Call is the extended arm of any firm which is looking to
scale rapidly and cover market quickly without the hassle of hiring, tracking
and managing employees. It allows you to focus on your vision and increase
profits by taking up all your organisational tasks on project basis. With Quick
Call, outsourcing does not mean per agent per shift charges. However,
commercials, deliverables & SLAs are decided on project basis and Quick
Call takes complete ownership for execution with utmost confidentiality. The
kind of projects we are doing range from attaching taxi drivers to aggregator
apps, getting sellers to register on fledging  e-commerce portals, selling
exhibition space and a lot more.


 April, 2014


 Neeraj Tyagi, Founder & Business Head, Quick






New Delhi


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