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Both brands and publishers today realize the ever-increasing need to drive revenues from video – Karan Gupta

we are looking to scale further by adding more feathers to our suite of bespoke offerings, while staying focused on driving quality engagement, delivering high performance, 100% transparency and viewability to the digital ecosystem.

A young digital innovator par excellence, with over 13 years of experience in the advertising and digital industry, Karan Gupta is the CEO at AndBeyond.Media. Since the turn of this century, Karan has been spearheading strategic efforts in various capacities that have shaped his internet business acumen to cover the spectrum of Innovative Internet Technology, Award-Winning Creative Advertising and Next Generation Online Media consumption.

Indiadigitalreview team recently caught up with Karan Gupta and spoke to him about the journey so far and his take on video content consumption patterns and the latest offering from AndBeyond.Media for publishers

How has been the journey of AndBeyond.Media so far

We started off AndBeyond.Media in early 2015 with an aim to enable digital publishing businesses grow with the use of our cutting edge tech ranging from Content to Advertising overlaying our strong industry experience in consulting them. Over the past 2 years our goal has been about revolutionizing the online advertising space by catering to premium and long-tail publishers looking to adopt immersive and hassle-free monetization solutions without the headache of too much tech and operational setup.  Since AndBeyond.Media’s inception we have partnered with 500+ publishers from around the world; serving cross-device and exclusive ad experiences across various programmatic channels and have recently introduced holistic and innovative offerings in video content like VidTent and solutions such as Header Bidding S2S within the ad tech space.

In the near future, we are looking to scale further by adding more feathers to our suite of bespoke offerings, while staying focused on driving quality engagement, delivering high performance, 100% transparency and viewability to the digital ecosystem.

Tell us what services/products that you have or offer to publishers and advertisers

At present, we cater to the both small and large-scale publishers looking to incorporate native, mobile and display advertising solutions via programmatic channels via Alchemy, our home grown Monetization & Optimization Platform. Earlier this year, we introduced Header Bidding S2S – the next step in the evolution of auction dynamics that evolves the way in which Header Bidding is currently being looked at by publishers and their partners using server side connections with Demand Partners.

VidTent; our latest solution, holds something for both publishers and advertisers alike. VidTent bridges the interstice in video creation, distribution and monetization by offering an all-encompassing platform that not only offers premium videos but also presents content syndication and distribution, with an user-friendly solution through which our partners can be in complete control of the video experiences they wish to showcase across their web and mobile properties.

Video content has just exploded, what’s your take and the trends you forecast in video consumption

Today one can see a huge demand for original premium and relevant video content. Both brands and publishers today realize the ever-increasing need to drive revenues from video; as it’s a highly effective storytelling medium offering a high-engagement space for readers, advertisers and publishers alike. OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have reinvented the process of engaging with their audiences by offering video content on-the-go.

Digital video consumers are now being presented a personalized video experience across a multitude of channels and devices. Personalization has had a huge role to play over the years and publishers are pulling out all the stops to learn from their data findings and offer a tailor-made experience to their users. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to design and personalize video content to delight audiences. VidTent’s evolution will come about with the next wave of how videos will be personalized to and engaging with the use of data points and audience understanding giving the remote control to the user.

What kinds of brands are leveraging video advertising in India?

Apart from the obvious eCommerce & Automobile players in the market like Audi, Honda, Amazon and Flipkart, FMCG companies such as Unilever and P&G have been investing heavily into video advertising, via their digital partners, not leaving out the likes of Patanjali even who are aiming to reach Rural India via this medium. Even industries like Real Estate and BFSI are making the gradual shift of investing their budgets into video as compared to allocating larger parts of their marketing budgets into traditional media; up until a few years ago. Given the value the video as a medium drives in terms of engagement, educating consumers and driving sales, most industries  are now waking up to making sound investments in video as an advertising channel.

How many ad agency partners do you currently work with in India?

AndBeyond.Media is currently working with the majority of the Ad world with over 30 big and small agencies who swear by us and allocate their budgets via our marketplace.

What are the key trends emerging in video advertising in future

Of all the upcoming trends out there, the noteworthy ones that come to my mind include machine-learning in video; where applications and platforms can learn from data to deliver smarter advertising and improved customer experience for video publishers.

Social media’s influence on video – content; especially video, is a key focus for social platforms. With the growing number of smartphone users, almost every news platform now offers features that enable users to share content digitally across social channels.

Digital video is also enhancing ad spends globally, especially on mobile given the endless content opportunities to monetize upon. Lastly, marketers are catering to their audiences’ lowered attention span by developing video content that is quick, short and easy to consume.  Digital savvy publishers are now targeting their audiences with content that is highly relevant, personalized and tailor-made to their consumers need; thereby elevating the level of engagement and forging loyalty in the long run.



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