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Indian Youth Congress adopts Google Apps for its 28,000 elected officials

The Indian Youth Congress (IYC), the official youth wing of
the Indian National Congress, has said that it will move more than 28,000

The Indian Youth Congress (IYC), the official youth wing of
the Indian National Congress, has said that it will move more than 28,000
elected officials and volunteers to Google Apps for Business, Google’s suite of
communication and collaboration applications. The Indian Youth Congress will be
using Gmail, Google Docs and Google Sites in particular for reporting and
communication. The organization also plans to deeply integrate its existing
proprietary applications with Google Apps as well as move many of their
on-premise applications to Google App Engine in the near future.

The step is taken to help IYC deliver on its mission of
transparent and democratic participation and empower its members to work for
local development in India, using technology. In addition, the Indian Youth
Congress looks to Google Apps to help solve what could have been a future
dilemma for the organization regarding the unpredictable scale and thereby the
indeterminable costs associated with the adoption of messaging and
collaboration tools. The organisation will replace existing customized
messaging solutions in over 300 locations of the across the country with Google

“Technology is a great enabler in bringing people together
and operating efficiently. We are excited about being the first social
organisation in India to adopt the latest cloud technology from Google. With
the complete solution we will be better equipped to work with India’s youth and
leverage the power of technology to conduct programs of local relevance and
contribute to our vision,” Rajeev Satav, National President, IYC, has said.

“We are seeing rapid adoption of the cloud in India, with
progressive organizations like the Indian Youth Congress leading the way. Having
been born in the cloud ourselves, we are thrilled to have the Indian Youth
Congress leverage the collaborative technology of Google Apps to empower
India’s youth,” Rajan Anandan, managing director, Google India has said.

The Indian Youth Congress will be participating
in the Google Enterprise Roadshow — the first of its kind in India — which is
designed to bring together Google executives and partners to discuss Google’s
enterprise strategy and hear from local customers about their successes since
moving to the cloud.

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