Top News strikes multi-year strategic partnership with Outbrain
to deploy Outbrain’s guided personalisation platform across all its digital
to deploy Outbrain’s guided personalisation platform across all its digital
properties including,, – delivering personalised
content recommendations and real-time decision-making tools and analysis to
support editorial teams, India’s third largest online
publisher and Outbrain, the world’s largest content discovery platform, today announced the details of a
multi-year strategic partnership.  The
deal will empower the media company and its properties – including,,,,,,,,, and – to fully leverage the Outbrain
guided personalisation platform. 

platform will empower to manage their own content recommendations, maximizing the monetisation of
their audience to other content publishers, driving increased audience
engagement, and providing key insights and analytics about their core digital
has also confirmed their plans to implement Outbrain’s recently launched
product, Native In-Feed. The product, announced last month, allows publishers including for the first time to use the Outbrain platform to serve native,
in-stream advertising. Through Native In-Feed, Outbrain partners will now be
able to sell their own campaigns and use Outbrain’s UI and tools to seamlessly
deliver these campaigns to their audiences.

Sandeep Amar, Chief Operating Officer at said, “We are really happy to partner with Outbrain, and use their
technology and products to makes sure our users and advertisers get benefits
from it. We are confident they will deliver the highest quality recommendations
and best monetisation options for We look forward to bringing the
Outbrain solutions to our advertising partners in India.”

Gulshan Verma, General Manager SEA &
India at Outbrain, commented on the announcement: “Over the last few months,
we’ve increasingly observed publishers integrating their services into their
sales platforms, allowing for more native placements. Previously, most of the
Outbrain content was contained in a widget at the bottom of the page but, by
working with the publisher’s direct sales teams, we have now started serving
content in premium locations like the right rails, homepages, mobile pages,
thus providing better customer experience for the reader and monetisation
opportunities for publishers in India.”

Outbrain has spent the past 3 years on the ground in Asia
building the largest network of premium sites for content discovery. India
continues to be one of the company’s fastest growing markets.

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