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Fastrack online campaign invites people to vent why they had to dump their Ex

by Satrajit Sen

by Satrajit Sen

Fastrack, the youth watches and accessories brand from Titan, has launched MyExBox, an online campaign where users can post videos that communicate the reason why they had to dump someone or something like an old house or a boring car because it no longer worked for them. Targeted towards the age group of 15 to 25, the online campaign has already attracted around 100 videos and one lakh unique visitors, since its launch on December 18, 2009.

The month long online campaign is based on the Fastrack’s theme ‘Move On’ and encourages users to vent the reasons why they had to dump someone or something and move on. According to the company, the most viewed video of the week wins Fastrack Merchandise and also a chance to get featured in a Fastrack TV commercial. This makes the campaign go viral as users share the videos with their friends to get more views.

“The thought for the TV commercial was to push saliency for the brand theme, Move on, further. The films spoke about the different experiences of people moving on and were captured in a web-video frame format with the URL displayed, making it seem like a webcam video. The concept gave us an excellent opportunity to create an online contest that would allow real people to engage with the brand’s theme, Move On,” Anshul Nanda, assistant brand manager, Fastrack, has told AlooTechie.

The campaign is being promoted through social media, search advertising and display banners. The MyExBox fan page on Facebook has so far attracted over 32 thousand fans. “Most of our target audience spend a majority of their time on social networking sites such as Facebook and it makes sense for us to be where our audience is,” Anshul Nanda has said.

Fastrack is also using its mobile database of over 12,000 users by sending an SMS about the campaign. Moreover, to increase the traffic, the MyExBox contest page has been made the landing page of the Fastrack site. According to Anshul Nanda, this was done to attract the daily traffic towards the campaign.

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5 thoughts on “Fastrack online campaign invites people to vent why they had to dump their Ex”

  1. this is a very bold campaign
    this is a very bold campaign by fasttrack. the interesting point is the increasing usage of internet for advertisement campaign. i think this will also help them attract the young generation which directly are there target segment.

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