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Facebook introduces collaborative video making app Riff

Networking giant
has launched a new app Riff
, a creative tool to make videos collaboratively
with friend.

Networking giant
has launched a new app Riff
, a creative tool to make videos collaboratively
with friend.

How it
works is that the user creates a video, add tags to it and share it with
friends. Then the friends can add their own clips to the video. Once a friend
adds a clip to your video, your friend’s friends will also be shown the video
in Riff and will be able to add to it.

clip needs to be 20 seconds or less in duration. Videos made on Riff can be
shared on Facebook or the Internet in general.

need to shoot the video using Riff, and can’t upload videos. Also, there are no
options to like or comment on Riffs. The idea is to encourage users to
collaborate. If, however, a video is too lengthy or boring users can fast

a featured video from the cast of An
American in Paris
on Broadway. The app is currently available for Android
and iOS devices.

other news, Facebook has also introduced a new
photo scrapbook
to allow parents to give their kids an official presence on
its network.

the first time, children under 13 are allowed to have an official presence on
Facebook. They still can’t have a profile, but their parents can now tag photos
of them (or favorite pets) to create a scrapbook.

lets parents collect photos of their baby, toddler, or pre-teen in a
centralized place they can share with friends or loved ones. Scrapbook will
first roll out in the U.S. on iOS, Android and desktop.

to a
report, Facebook is looking into how it could let parents hand
off control of the scrapbook to their kid when they turn 13 and can legally
join the network.

The social
network team ran a small survey for parents who share pictures of their
children on Facebook and found that 65% of them tag their partner in baby
photos to share them with their partner’s friends. These same parents also said
that they want to collect photos of their little ones in a place that will grow
with them over the years.

tagging their partner in photos of their kid, a parent could instantly notify
their significant other they had uploaded one, made it visible to their
partner’s friends, and create a place to find those shots in the ‘Photos Of Me’
section of their partner’s profile.

Scrapbook product manager Dan Barak and his co-founder (wife) came up with this
idea after Barack noticed the more pictures he shared of his son Rom on
Facebook, the more scattered they became across his different photo albums— he
identified the need to find a better way to organize them. So,
Barak took all the benefits of the tagging hack and baked them into Facebook

How it
works is that to start a scrapbook for your child, go to your profile, click on
‘About’ and click on ‘Family and Relationships’. There, you’ll see an
invitation to create a scrapbook; just click Get Started. If you’ve already
added a child to your profile, you can click ‘Add Scrapbook’ next to his or her
name. For more details, log on to the Help Center.

told TechCrunch that Facebook wants to “ship [Scrapbook] early and get feedback”
from parents, so there will be a prominent link in the product to send comments
to the company. One feature Facebook plans to add is a subscribe button that
will let loved ones like grandparents get a notification any time a photo is
added to a kid’s scrapbook.

to the report, a maximum of two people can be the owners of a Scrapbook, and
those people have to be in a formal relationship on Facebook (expect “domestic
partnerships” for friends who co-own a pet).

also added that to use the Scrapbook, users first have to list themselves as
parents, which signals to Facebook’s advertisers that they might want to target
you with ads for toys or kids’ clothes.









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