Expectations from 2009: A Seriatim > Advertisers (Part 4/5)

by Satrajit Sen

by Satrajit Sen

In the fourth part of a 5-article series covering expectations of different verticals of Indian online industry from the year 2009, we are focusing on advertisers where Mohit Gupta, chief marketing officer,; Shivanandan Pare, chief operating officer,; Maitri Kumar, head of marketing, HSBC India; and Amit Garg, business head, Firefly eVentures ( talk about their expectations from the New Year.

Mohit Gupta, chief marketing officer,

# In the context of current economic slowdown, in 2009, online industry as well as online advertising will end up big gainers. The slowdown will force marketers to move more towards performance oriented and sharper targeted media. This will translate to brand spends moving from conventional media to digital media.

# The penetration of internet with consuming TG (target group) continues to increase. This combined with richer media options will make internet advertising even more interesting for marketers in 2009.

# A few other trends that will help internet are: ad networks building critical mass, internet becoming a deal hunting destination and global social media networks beginning to serve targeted advertising.

Shivanandan Pare, chief operating officer,

# Advertisers will adapt to the SMS platform in India in 2009 as a medium to connect with their target audience not just for a one way communication but to engage and mingle with them as well.

# Clients can expect and can start engaging with their users in terms of user feedback, product innovation and product improvement.

# Along with promoting their brand which would, of course, be the key focus of advertisers we expect them to increasingly look at BigAdda also as the one stop online advertising solution to engage more and more with the users at large.

Maitri Kumar, head of marketing, HSBC India

# We expect the share of online advertising to grow significantly in 2009. Given the recent economic turmoil, we will continue to move away from expensive, mass media to low cost, targeted media such as online and mobile.

# The capability of the digital media to measure and pay for performance through a click or lead based model will drive its growth in HSBC. We will have an integrated approach to the online space as a single agency will handle our digital requirements.

# Email will soon replace Direct Mailer as the primary customer contact media.

Amit Garg, business head, Firefly eVentures (

# Shine is a relatively new brand and being an online property, we will definitely look forward to invest more on internet advertisements in 2009.

# In 2008, we had a healthy mix of online and offline marketing done for Shine. But with tougher times ahead and with more marketers and brands looking to the online media as a viable communication tool, we are expecting a lot of action on this space.

# We have been getting a lot of responses and consumers through our online campaigns and expect to grab more eyeballs in the year 2009.

[Editor: We had contacted more brands for this article but perhaps the current economic slowdown restricted them from sharing their thoughts and opinions with our readers. Guess, we should have told them that we don’t charge anything for quoting someone in a story :-)]
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