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by Satrajit Sen

by Satrajit Sen

Bangalore-based is an ecommerce startup launched to sell T-shirts made on the theme of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. According to Deepan chakravarthy, co-founder,, the ecommerce site was developed in a short period of four days and was launched on 14th February 2011. has already sold 24 pieces and the co-founders hope to sell about 10,000 T-shirts by 2nd April when the World Cup 2011 comes to an end.

Speaking to AlooTechie about, Deepen Chakravarthy said, “The time-window of opportunity was small since the world cup fever will last only 30 days. It was better to bet on something that people are already used to buying. We won’t have time to create the engagement and credibility needed to sell something new. How about T-shirts? Meanwhile, one of us happened to hear the official song for the world cup, ‘De Ghuma Ke’, on FM. It was a catchy phrase and we casually started searching around it. Google returned close to 2.1 million results, and the search trends were climbing meteorically. With a stomach full of butterflies, we checked if the domain was taken. It wasn’t. We were in business.”

When asked about the USP of, Deepen Chakravarthy said that most T-shirts sold online were Rs 700 onwards. “More importantly, as cricket fans ourselves, we didn’t really like any of them. So, we decided to make a T-shirt that we would have liked to buy and at a price that we would have been ready to pay. It was going to be difficult selling Rs 500 T-shirt on a hitherto unknown website. Our target price point was Rs 265. We felt that if people liked the design, it’s an amount that won’t make them think twice. Just when things seemed impossible, we learnt that Tirupur in Tamil Nadu is a garment manufacturing hub, and an overnight travel from Bangalore. A few enquiries later, we had a contact in the town. We got a few samples, and finalized material, design, sizes etc. Before long, we had a way to procure T-shirts at a price we like,” he said.

Speaking about the payment gateways, Deepen Chakravarthy said that that’s one thing that perhaps every Indian startup dreads. “We have had some experience with this before and knew that this was a mess. We explored cash-on-delivery but could not find a reasonable provider. Not at the slim margins that we were operating at. We also explored the usual suspects in the Indian payment gateway marketplace: EBS, CC Avenues etc. The fastest time to be up and active was 35 days (EBS)! PayPal seemed like the only possibility with a small glitch. Users would be charged in dollars. That would probably hurt sales – but we didn’t have a choice. So, PayPal it was,” Chakravarthy added.

According to Deepen Chakravarthy, the co-founders of are now planning to have customised T-shirts on the world cup match days. Given that the website has a 30-day horizon for business, they might have other category of online business running on the domain after the world cup is over.

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