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Data analytics firm, PrecisionMatch to offer mobile consumer data

By Saumya Tewari

By Saumya Tewari

Smile Vun Group (SVG)’s digital analytics firm, PrecisionMatch is planning to qualify its data to mobile advertising. The company will offer mobile consumer data along with online consumer data as the RTB eco-system builds better support for advertising on mobile devices. It also plans on introducing demographic data segments – Male, Female and Age – which can be used by FMCG advertisers soon.

Speaking to IDR on the uptake of the venture, Nitin Chowdhary, Vice-President and Business Head, PrecisionMatch says that PrecisionMatch is doing encouraging business with revenue run rate running in several million dollars. The company is evaluating several investment options from interested parties presently. The investment will happen via its holding company SVG Media Pvt. Ltd.

The company, which facilitates advertisers to target relevant audiences on the online platform, currently offers intent based audience data. According to the company, these could be audiences who are researching, comparing and reading reviews about a product or product category across sites, soliciting feedback on a social networking site or displaying distinct online behaviour which makes them a strong potential consumer.

PrecisionMatch was launched in three markets – India, SEA and MEA with 50M unique users and around 60% of internet users across these countries in October last year. Since then it has partnered with 30 advertisers in India which includes blue chip companies like Tata Motors, Samsung, Nokia, Ford, Microsoft and Dell among others.

Nitin says that they timed PrecisonMatch’s launch to synchronize with the rapid growth of availability of RTB inventory in India.

“It facilitates advertisers to extract and utilize data across categories such as Auto, Handsets, Online Buyers, Travel, Technology etc. Over 30 advertisers have experimented with the audience data since our launch and half of the advertisers that we’re working with want to increase the scale of deployment over time. PrecisionMatch has been receiving a reasonable share in their marketing plans,” he says.

The company claims to have a reach across verticals – Automobile (80.3%), Technology (63%), Telecom (65%), Business Finance (58%) and B2B (75%). Although a lot is being done to inform brand marketers about big data, Nitin feels the maturity among brands towards it is still evolving because of gaps in the advertiser/agency side and some on the technology side.

“By using the power of high quality Audience Data from over RTB, advertisers can unlock the value in display advertising and create a strong up-funnel program amongst their target groups. However, at the moment, there seems to be less inclination to go that extra mile to leverage tools such as Audience Data that can make display advertising work. One of the reasons for such an outlook is the small proportion of overall spend on digital marketing in India as compared to the western markets. Our engagement program is aimed to change this attitude,” he quips.

PrecisionMatch validates audience data through collaboration with most followed web analytics firm, comScore in India. The company aims to enlarge the audience data targeted RTB display spend so that it becomes a significant part of advertiser digital budget.

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