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Afaqs launches online video channel, Afaqs TV

Banyan Netfaqs, the publisher of,
Afaqs Reporter and, has launched an online video channel called

Banyan Netfaqs, the publisher of,
Afaqs Reporter and, has launched an online video channel called
Afaqs TV. This comes close to the heels of Afaqs launching its social media platform According to the company, Afaqs TV is an effort to take the afaqs! readers to the next level, where there will be much more than just written words and pictures.

The content strategy of Afaqs TV will be
vastly different from that of Content will be created by the Afaqs TV
team and there will be user-generated and social content as well. Currently, Afaqs
TV has episodes on features such as ‘When not @ Work’, ‘Last Day at Work’, ‘The
Tough Question’, ‘News Nuggets’, and ‘Pick of The Week’.

Each has its own unique flavour. ‘When not
@ Work’ explores what an industry professional pursues as his or her hobby
beyond work hours. ‘Last Day at Work’ is all about nostalgia and things that an
individual will miss in his previous organisation. News Nuggets is a weekly
round-up of the previous week’s noteworthy events and happenings, whereas ‘The
Tough Question’ is where the channel will make the industry expert explain his
stand on a question pertaining to the industry. ‘Pick of the week’ is where two
peers review an ad campaign.

Sandeep Vij, co-founder and director, Afaqs,
says, “Globally, four out of five people watch video online. In the near
future, video will form a consequential share of online advertising. Already,
You Tube is the largest TV channel in India. This is not only a technological
change but a behavioural one, too.”

Banyan Netfaqs already has its presence in the
digital and the print domain for the advertising and marketing community, with
afaqs! and afaqs! Reporter, respectively. With Afaqs TV, the company aims to
cash in on the increasing online video viewing habits of the audience. This is
the fourth online property of Banyan Netfaqs, the other three being afaqs!, The
Mobile Indian and The Podium. Afaqs is currently headquartered in Noida, India,
with branches in Bangalore and Mumbai. Established as agencyfaqs, on September
28, 1999, the site was rebranded as afaqs on May 2008. Seedfund is an investor
in afaqs.

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