​Redbull, Narendra Modi & ​Nike do a fantastic job on Social Media – Kapil Gupta

OMLogic is one of the independent premium digital communications agency based in New Delhi. OMLogic currently works with or has worked with bluechip brands like HBO, Vivo, Oriflame, Jagran, Wave Group for managing their digital presence. The man at the helm of OMLogic is best known for his energy, optimism, cycling amongst all other leadership traits that he commonly displays at many events that he speaks.

The team at Indiadigitalreview interacted with Kapil Gupta, CEO & founder of OMLogic over the email and asked him his views on social media marketing, his favourite brands on Social media and if he likes working with Politicians and political parties for their social media campaigns. Read on:-

Thank you Kapil for this interaction, we wanted to first address the elephant in the room and wanted your opinion on the same

What are the top 5 mistakes committed by organisations today in leveraging Social Marketing

  •  No overall strategy. focus on just being out there
  • No integration amongst various digital channels (including media ads and SEO)
  • No integration​ of offline events, activities etc
  • Focus on frivolous engagement with no brand relatedness
  • Lack of integration with CSR and other causes brand associated with. Basically, inability to create a larger than life persona
  • Thinking everyone as their customer and not created segmentation and distinct campaigns based on audience profiles
  • Fear of experimenting and failing
Specialised knowledge agency or In-house team, which approach would you recommend for social marketing? Why?
  • Specialised agency suffers with impersonalization and inability to react as fast as the medium needs. But in-house suffers with lack of expertise, not being able to keep up with changes that happen and sometimes a myopic view.
The best is a combination. Find a specialized agency which is willing to work as a partner and an extension of the brand itself.  

How do you see India as a market for Social Media marketing, have brands realised the potential of SMM as yet

Not yet but we are slowly scaling up the value chain. One major segment need to be causes, CSR, surrogate marketing, an area which hasn’t been explored much by brands yet.

The top 3 brands that you love on social media

  • Redbull
  • Narendra Modi
  • ​Nike
The top 3 brands that you wish had worked with you on Social Media

ESPN Starsports (Create a predict n win platform for them across all sports). To be played real time while you watch the sport Durex / Tinder (want to do a citizen evangelism campaign to change the meaning of virginity to you lost your virginity first time you have unsafe sex) Big Bazaar (A campaign to bring all its employees online as brand ambassadors and create the largest online-offline retail / e-retail venture in India). Take Amazon and Flipkart head-on Republic TV (Campaign to have people provide real time feedback on the panelists and speakers using emoticons)​

Which are your 5 favourite Social Marketing Tools?

  • Buffer
  • Right Relevance
  • Efluencr

Online Trolling and Reputation Management is a big concern for brands, a little mistake and it triggers a massive conversational trend on Social Media. What are the suggestions that you would like to give to avoid such scenarios

  •  Check what Google throws when you search for your name and handle via social search
  •  Create quality content to control Google rankings. Indulge in storytelling
  • Provide great customer service. Be honest and truthful
  • Create your army of brand ambassadors that you could activate as needed. Includes employees, distributors, franchises, etc

Brands Vs Celebs VS Politicians – which one do you love to work with the most and why?

This is an impossible question to answer. I love to work with whoever provides me luxury and space to innovate and create. Have had good and bad experiences with all 3.


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